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Havato Nugget Ice Maker, Extruded Ice & Chewed Ice, 34Lbs /24H, Self-Cleaning, Kitchen/Office/Party, Grey

Havato Nugget Ice Maker, Extruded Ice & Chewed Ice, 34Lbs /24H, Self-Cleaning, Kitchen/Office/Party, Grey

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Explore the Jabato ice maker, witness the miracle of ice crystals in the transparent window, enjoy the ice basket when it is full of coolness, and use the portable handle to cool the ice. Ingenious design of ice spoon seat, quick ice making bid farewell to waiting, innovative ice chewing technology to enhance taste bud experience. Quiet and friendly operation, one-button self-cleaning saves time and worry, and the compact body contains huge energy, which can easily blend into every moment of life and enjoy exquisite coolness.
[Portable handle] Unique handle design makes this ice maker instantly incarnate and move the ice bar. Whether in the kitchen, living room or outdoor yard, it is convenient to carry and cool to accompany.
[Intelligent design] Transparent window real-time monitoring, one-click operation guide, simple and easy to use. The intelligent indicator light will remind you of the water level and ice fullness at any time, so that you can feel at ease every time. Built-in ice scoop rack saves the trouble of rummaging through boxes and cabinets, and can be used anytime and anywhere.
[Speed Ice Making] You can harvest 33 kg of ice in 24 hours. Say goodbye to the long wait, and let the summer of the whole family cool without being disturbed. This Havato ice maker can make chewy ice cubes, which can not only keep the ice cool, but also increase the delicate and digestible taste. Blending whiskey or all kinds of cold drinks is original and refreshing.
[One-button self-cleaning, saving time and worry] Just press the button to start the 15-minute automatic cleaning program. Touch again, you can interrupt at any time, and flexibly respond to various needs.
[Small body, big energy] Havato ice maker is only 12.99*11.81*9.06 inches in exquisite figure, but it can hold a lot of ice cubes, and the water tank has a capacity of 1.1 liters, so it can be easily integrated into various spaces. Whether it's a corner at home, an office desk or an outdoor gathering place, it can be your cool little expert, saving space and showing a more exquisite taste of life.

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