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Havato Portable Independent Tower Fan, 360° Oscillating Fans, 8 Speeds, 24H Timer, 3-in-1 Fan Modes, Green

Havato Portable Independent Tower Fan, 360° Oscillating Fans, 8 Speeds, 24H Timer, 3-in-1 Fan Modes, Green

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Introducing Havato tower fan to innovate home comfort. Its fashionable design and innovative function make it a household necessity. Small size (11.81×11.81×30.71 inches), suitable for living room, bedroom, office, etc. In hot summer or stuffy night, it perfectly combines fashion, function and convenience. Through customizable settings and intuitive control, you can easily control the comfort, drive the heat with one button and enjoy the freshness.
【Remote Control Convenience】Imagine that you can control the coolness of the room at will with the touch of the remote control. You can enjoy the pleasant wind blowing from the tower fan without getting up, making your leisure time more comfortable.
【LED screen display】Unique LED display design allows you to master the speed, timing and mode setting of the fan at any time. Easy monitoring to ensure that comfort is always under control.
【Eight speeds】Eight kinds of wind speed choices, from breeze blowing to strong wind passing through the hall, meet the needs of different scenes. Whether it's a family gathering, working overtime in the office or reading alone, you can find the wind speed that suits you best and enjoy a personalized cooling experience.
【24-hour timing, saving energy and worry】The 24-hour timer function allows you to easily plan the opening and closing time of the fan. Not only saves energy and protects the environment, but also ensures that you can enjoy the most comfortable temperature when you need it, without worrying about turning off the fan.
Three modes to adapt to changing scenes】Normal, natural and sleep modes can easily meet the needs of different occasions. Whether it is daily office, family gathering or night rest, you can find the most suitable fan mode to make your life more comfortable and healthy.
This tower fan not only has excellent performance and design, but also is a good helper to improve your quality of life. It can not only provide fresh air, but also bring you personalized comfort experience. Come and enjoy the coolness and comfort it brings!

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